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Experienced Professional Dog Training and Canine Behaviourist - phone  07811 454602

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Welcome to Problem Dog, a dedicated canine behaviour training service, provided by highly experienced dog trainer and canine behaviourist Janet Sykes MBIPDT.


You may not realise the difference between dog training and canine behaviour modification, however you may be aware of shows such as “It’s me or the Dog” or “Dog Whisperer”, although I disagree with some of the methods used, I provide similar services for dogs with behavioural problems. Many animals have similar psychological behaviours like humans; I have studied both human and animal psychology and use a combination of treatment methods to treat dogs with behavioural problems.


At problem Dog we can provide Dog Training for any dog from Puppy training to treating social issues for older dogs. I can help dogs with anxiety issues, Improve socialisation of dogs with both people and other dogs. I offer in home dog training or behavioural visits and my speciality is providing dog behaviour training with hyperactive Dogs and pups including those with biting problems.


Regardless of what issues you may be facing if you need help with a problem dog then I can certainly help. Please feel free to give me a call on 07811 454602 and we can discuss your training needs and determine if you require standard dog training or specialist dog behaviour techniques. My goal is to resolve the cause of the negative behaviour, empower you and help you feel better about your dog;

Together we can build a better relationship between you and your dog.

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