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Canine Agression, Biting Dogs, Growling and Barking Dogs, they could be a sign that you have a potentially serious Dog Problem, if you can relate to or say yes to any of the statements below, then you, your family, visitors or the public could be in danger from your dog. For immediate over the phone advice or an appointment call or text 07811 454602 email from the link above.

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my dog is growling and or barking at my baby -  my dog is growling and or barking at children  - my dog seems to be jealous of my baby - my dog is jealous of my partner -  I'm in court, my dog has just bitten someone - my dog barks at our neighbour, the postman, passers by - my dog barks at everyone while in the  car -  my dog is overprotective of me, no-one can come in the house - We're expecting a baby and I'm not sure if the dog will accept it - we're buying a new pup but our dog is not good with other dogs -  I can't sit with my partner because the dog won't let me - my dog gets on my bed and bites me -  my dog gets on the sofa and bites me - my dog growls and or bites if we go near it's food - my dog bites if we try to take things off it - my dog is growling or biting if we go near it's toys - my dog is growling if we go near it's bed - my dog steals and guards our possessions-  my dog has snapped at the family - my dog has snapped at visitors - my dog is aggressive with visitors - my dog has bitten visitors - my dog has bitten a visiting child in our house - my dog has bitten a visiting child in our garden -my dog goes upstairs and won't let us go up -my dog jumps up and growls at us - my dog growls when we try to chastise him/her - my dog bites if we try to move it - my dog won't let us leave the house -my dog attacks other dogs - my dog lunges at or barks at passers by while on a walk.

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Have I got an Aggressive or Dangerous Dog?

Dangerous dogs live in our homes, they're not press headlines or a particular breed like Staffies, Rotties or Pitbulls.

Jack Russells and Pomeranians have killed babies out of jealousy, Labradors have killed pensioners, and guess what, it's not the dog's fault or the breed's fault, it's human stupidity or ignorance.  Media hype about certain breeds lulls you into believing that you need to own a certain type of dog for you and your family to be in danger. Dangerous dogs are defined by their behaviour, see the paragraph above. Death and serious mauling of children is preventable so here's a classic description of a dog most likely to bite, kill or maim your child or other family members

An UN-NEUTERED male dog of any breed that is spoilt and allowed to behave as he likes, choosing his own sleeping place, eating when he likes, toys all over the house, jumping up at visitors, not doing as he's told, he may or may not have a female dog companion.  He could also be showing some of the behaviours described in the section above.

The highest risk group and most likely victim will be a boy aged 7-12 years, second most likely victim a girl aged 7-12.  Any child, baby or pensioner are the next highest risk group.

Then any adult.

Keep your family safe, neuter male dogs. I should never have to ask the question ''which is more important to keep intact your dog or your child's face?''  And of course, get someone in to assess your dog and change it's attitude as soon as possible if you can relate to anything on this page.